Why “energy vampires” are bul$h*t.

There is no such thing as energy vampires, only people and situations you keep giving your energy to…
Man, that one can really sting right?
But it can also bring you SO much relief!
Think about it.  No one is walking around this world consciously thinking, “I am going to suck the energy from this person every chance I get no matter what!”  Most people are simply tunnel visioned with their own problems and their own pain that they don’t look up long enough to see how their behavior is affecting the world around them.  They cannot see the ripple effect.
And until they decide to choose awareness, there is nothing you can say or do that will change their behavior.  You only have control over your actions and reactions.
So now what?
You can choose to see through their pain, through their stuckness, and see the humanity that is struggling.
You can choose to see them as weak, incapable, less than, or even evil.
If you choose to see them as less than, you will also see yourself as better than.  This will limit your own growth.  No one continue to work on themselves when they think that they have already arrived and that everyone else needs to catch up.  This will create loneliness, anger, resentment, and so many more isolating emotions and reactions.
But if you choose to see them as a fellow human who is stuck on a problem that is different than your own, then you will continue to grow for yourself and be an example to all those around you.  You will be the change that you want to see in the world.  You will be able to also make a difference in that person’s life in ways you couldn’t even imagine.
When I was in the health and fitness world, I worked with a woman who was extremely overweight but carried herself as if she was the tiniest creature on the planet because she was so afraid to be seen.  And when I say seen, I mean more than just noticed by the eye of another.  She was afraid to be noticed in any way.  She shrunk away from everything in her life including her mothering because her lack of self worth was so deep rooted.
Through the next 2 years, we worked on her inner shit so that she could hold her head high, be proud of her physical accomplishments (more importantly her mental and emotional ones), create boundaries for her work and her children that felt right for her family, AND grow in her confidence to rebuild healthy relationships with people she loved and missed including her ex-husband. 
Through our work together, she learned so much about herself but also was able to see how her lack of self-worth contributed to her unhealthy marriage.  Once she was able to pick her head up and look around, she started to see all the areas where her finger pointing led her right back to realizing that she had just as much of the blame of contribution as others carried in her relationships.
When the inside gets aligned, the outside can’t help but follow.  She is now happily remarried to her ex with another child in their arms to hold, living on a plot of land that brings her joy, and working toward creating the next level of joy in her life by working further toward her dreams.
This is just one of the many areas I help clients with but in case you didn’t know, I specialize in helping women unchain themselves from past trauma in order to step into their uniqueness and shine their light openly in the world. 
Yup!  That covers a lot!  Health, wealth, mindset, belief, relationships, business, sexuality, spirituality…the list goes on. 
So take a moment and do an inventory.  Where in your life do you see your energy vampires?  What do you think this is trying to tell you?  What do you want to do about it?
Once you answer those questions, click the link below and book your consultation with me.  I can help you create a plan and a process that will allow you steps to freedom in ways you can’t see when you head is down.  Let me lift your chin up, Sister, so you can see more beauty in the world around you.